Lucky peach

McSweeney's is a publishing house founded by writer and editor Dave Eggers. I created custom title lettering and illustrations for print publications and designed book and magazine layouts.

"Nobody Doesn't Love a Cake with a Runny Center" appeared in Lucky Peach Issue #3 and details the flavorful history of the molten chocolate cake. Check out editors David Chang and Peter Meehan discussing this issue on CBS' "This Morning."


"The Schmitter," which appeared in Lucky Peach Issue #4, provides readers with an alternative to the Philly cheesesteak. If you're ever in the city of Brotherly Love, writer Tom Lax will urge you to get yourself to McNally's.

Created at McSweeney's
Art Direction: Walter GreenBrian McMullen
Copy: Rachel Khong
Cake illustrations: Brianna Harden